Basic Usages

If you are here, this means that you’ve already installed our extension Scriptify Web or you can install from here quickly on your chrome browser. Here we will set you up so that you can start using our simple extension properly!

Registering an app on Scriptify Web

Scriptify Web

To execute any scripts on any web pages, you need to register an app to the extension. To do that, you need to click on the Editor option of the extension. An app required simply 3 parameters.

The App Id (id):- An unique id for every app. This should be a short string name and should not contain the word “code” in it.

The App Name (name):- A perfect name for your app.

The Webpage (webpage):- The Link of the webpage where you want to execute the scripts that will be written for this app. This script will match the URL of a webpage. For Example, if you write google on it. It will run both websites like and But if you write here, it will only run on the website So, it would be best to include as much of the URL as possible.


  "id"   : "testapp",
  "name" : "Test App",
  "webpage" : ""

Editing The Script For An App

If you click on the editor option from the popup page, you will be taken to a web page where you will see a sidebar that is containing all of your app list names.

You can just simply click on any of the app name to edit it’s scripts on the code editor of the right side.

Enable and Disable an App

If you click on the popup page, you will see your registered app list. Each list will contain a toggle button. You can enable or disable an app by just toggling the toggle button.

It’s just that simple!

Help, Request or Complain

For any kind of question or help, Just post your comment on this documentation page. I will be here to reply all your queries.

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